Here are some pictures of our experiences during our adoption this summer...

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St Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow.

Architectural detail of buildings lining Red Square, Moscow.

One of many tower/gates to The Kremlin, Moscow.

Interior of a Cathedral, the Kremlin, Moscow.

Celebratory canon, The Kremlin, Moscow.

Overnight train compartment from Moscow to Kursk.

Wendy meeting Anastasia for the very first time.

Allen meeting Anastasia for the very first time.

Colorful indoor play area for the infants.

Colorful outdoor play area for infants.

Anastasia falling asleep while we were visiting.  Doesn't Wendy look like a mother already?

Our wonderful interpreter, Irena, and her husband, Yuri, which was our driver.  We are waiting to board the train.

Amsterdam.  Beautiful architecture.  Look out, bikes everywhere!

Waterways about everywhere throughout Amsterdam.

Kursk Hotel.

Baby House orphanage, Kursk.

Touring Moscow (again) but this time with Anastasia in tow.

Beautiful gardens everywhere in Amsterdam.

Passing through Amsterdam (again), but this time with Anastasia.

Welcome Home!

Baby's first time in pool.

I think Anastasia is going to become a computer user, that is if she can get dad out of the way to use it.

Open wide, it's supper time!

Yeah, I'm a cool baby with my shades on!

Picture time by the famous Paulownia tree.  Paulownia was also a Russian princess name, like Anastasia!

The Paulownia tree in two years of growth.

Guess what I am for halloween?
A pumpkin!

Fall picture time.

My nine month pictures.

OK, I'll look into the camera.

I know, I look nice.